Anglesey Master Class

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If the answer to the above question is YES, then keep Monday 27th April firmly in your diary. This evening will be dedicated to trying to extract that extra “hidden” performance that potentially is inside all of us. There will be a dvd presentation concentrating on a corner by corner analysis of the current Anglesey circuit plus additional diagrams to support the instruction. There will also be a discussion on vehicle dynamics, which if you’re planning to compete on any circuit will prove invaluable. The technique required to drive any car quickly around a circuit is far from easy and I don’t profess to be the holder of all the answers to what is a very tricky subject. However, if you leave the evening having learnt just one thing that you put into practise, you will go quicker that’s guaranteed!

The evening will be presented by David Bailey, an experienced sprinter and race instructor. Here are a few words about his career so far:-


I started hillclimbing & sprinting in 1985 using a methanol powered special saloon mini (!) then progressed onto formula ford 1600, still in speed events sharing the car with my father Ken. Started circuit racing in 1997. Became a fully qualified MSA instructor in 2000 and have taken part in: race school/experience days, corporate and manufacturers days, track days and one to one instruction. Still hold the class records at Aintree, Harewood and Anglesey for speed events. Won the 2007 North West Formula Ford 1600 pre 1990 Championship outright.

Interested? See you on Monday 27th April 20:30 start.

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