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Back in May I finally got round to having a race in my newly prepared car. The old Honda Civic had done me proud the season before – and also at OultonPark earlier this year, but I’ve always had a thing for the rear wheel drive Nissans so decided to prep and race one at last. With the Civic going to a good home (our very own Steve Turner), I had some extra cash to finish the last few jobs and get an entry in at Silverstone with the Classic Modified Saloons.

The car itself is an ex-drift car, so thankfully it had a few go faster parts, andmost importantly, an FIA cage! The car needed a few tweaks, so I’ve fitted some bigger 356mm 8Pot brakes, which just fit under the 17″ wheels, had the engine rebuilt and fitted a new remapable ECU with bigger injectors and have replaced the air flow meter with a map sensor. Despite the car still being on the standard turbo, it made respectable power figures when it was mapped.


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