Wallasey Motor club meet most Monday evenings at the Port Sunlight Village Social Club in Port Sunlight on the Wirral. The Club and its members are invloved in all aspects of motor sport including organising, marshalling and spectating onmotor sport events. Club members regularly compete in a number of different motor sport disciplines including, road and stage rallying, sprinting,hill climbing and circuit racing.


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The following articles provide details on the history on Wallasey Motor Club. If you have any information relating to the club history and or previous members, please email webmaster.This is a letter received via e-mail from one of our Web Site readers who now lives in MassachusettsHello,I came across this web page when searching for information on Wallasey and have some informationthat that might help with compiling a club history if that is your intent.I was brought up in Wallasey and lived on Belgrave Street from 1939 to 1963 when I was married and moved to Neston. Much of what I know about the club came from my grandfather who raised me after my dad remarried. My fath...