February 22, 2021

Request for Information

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The Club has been contacted by Paul Rickards from Scotland who is attempting to trace the history of his 1929 Scott motorcycle and in particular its links with Wallasey and the Motor Club.

The registration of the Motorcycle is HF 7406 was registered in Wallasey and the local Scott motorcycle dealer at that time was Reynolds of Liverpool.

The early owners of the Scott were Dennis Dean Porter of Birkenhead; Hubert Whiteside of Wallasey and Lee Collin of Birkenhead.

The Scott machine is a 1929 TT Replica, the same as the bike finishing third in the1928 Senior TT Race. Paul’s Scott was raced at Park Hall pre 1939 where Wallasey Motor Club came to his attention.

As with all Scotts the fuel tank holds petrol and oil in separate compartments to feed the Two Stroke engine.

Today the bike is in touring trim as very few Scotts compete in vintage events. The last track event was at Mallory some years ago to celebrate the Scott centenary.

If anyone has any further details of Paul’s Scott motorcycle then he can be contacted at: paul.rickards@virgin.net

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